Whilst we’ve just covered Green Arrow: Rebirth #1, this is the main storyline for Oliver Queen this year, Rebirth was just a means of introducing us to the new continuity.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, lets get into it. Green Arrow #1 is absolutely brilliant. From start to finish, the issue manages to keep us entertained even during the slower parts of the story. It looks like Ollie and Dinah are fully partnered up now. And we do mean completely. She stays over and even meets Oliver’s little sister, Emi. But to begin with, we sense that all isn’t right with Emi, she comes across as too nice, especially considering she knows about Ollie’s night time activities and that he’s inviting women to stay at their apartment…

Oliver even goes as far as to suggest a relationship could be on the cards for the pair, but luckily, Dinah makes the sensible decision of giving it some time first, and investigating why this strange organisation are smuggling people out in Queen Industries shipping crates. The writers (Benjamin Percy and Otto Schmidt) take us down a rabbit hole when it’s revealed that someone close to Oliver is actually the leader of said organisation. It’s an intriguing twist in the storyline, and this is only the second time we’ve been introduced to the plot-line. If this is just how it’s starting, how will it end?


This current run on Green Arrow is nothing short of brilliant, with fast paced action, quippy dialogue and a beautiful artistic aesthetic, we just can’t get enough. We’re genuinely excited to see where this story will wind up, and the consequences that it will have on Oliver and Dinah. Especially considering the return of Shado at the end of the book, and the huge cliffhanger that it left us on. We’re wishing for the collected graphic novel already. It’s impossible not to be excited for things to come.

If this is how the Percy and Schmidt are bringing in new and old characters, what else do they have in store for us? We’d love to see some classic characters from the decades old history that Oliver Queen has. It seems like these writers have this version of Oliver Queen completely on point. We can’t wait to see where they take the development of his character. It’s blatantly obvious that his trust issues are going to be completely obliterating to his morale after the cliffhanger.

We’re only two issues into this Rebirth of the Green Arrow, and we’re inexplicably fascinated. Make sure you keep up to date with the current Green Arrow series on Heroes Direct.

9.8 Thrilling

We genuinely couldn't turn the page fast enough on this one. The continuation from the Rebirth issue is fantastic. We were gripped from start to finish, and that cliffhanger had us seriously itching for the next issue. You don't want to miss this.

  • Artistic Style 10
  • Complicated Relationship 9
  • Traitor in the Queen Industries 10
  • Cliffhanger 10

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