We don’t want to waste any time getting into this review, but you should know that this set of Avengers are very different to any other group. There’s not the most heroic, and you’d certainly prefer Captain America and his crew to turn up to save you – but that’s why we love the Great Lakes Avengers so much, they’re underdogs, and they’re a lot of fun. Let’s get into the second issue!

This is plain bonkers. The storyline is going places but it doesn’t even need to – it could literally just follow these characters around all day and we’d still have a shit ton of fun. They’re not afraid to get into the thick of things, but they’re not too well equipped to deal with most situations so it almost always leads to hilarity and something going different to how they planned. The team find themselves in jail, though they’re obviously good enough to get out – it’s little things like this that make us chuckle and really enjoy spending time with them.

We saw more of Good Boy, whom was teased in Issue #1, and it seems as if the small-girl-turned-werewolf will join the Great Lakes Avengers for a while. We’re pretty sure she’s an original character and from the small amount of attention she’s received, we have no reason to doubt that she’ll fit in well with this group of oddballs.

The artwork by Will Robson is genuinely some of the best art we’ve seen in an ongoing book by any publisher in quite some time. The characters are impressively expressive and the cartoon-esque feel compliments the silly nature of the book and the team. Good Boy looks so bloody awesome, too.

9.0 Awesome

The Great Lakes Avengers find themselves in jail and break out to an unexpected new member. Issue #2 is great fun.

  • Characters 10
  • Enjoyable, fun script 9
  • Artwork 9
  • Storyline 8

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