Farah takes a final fatal step in Glitterbomb #4, as everything comes to a gory confrontation. We’ve loved this series from the start, and this issue is no exception. Although it lacked a few answers, we didn’t need them. Farah’s come so far since her desperation in the first issue, that we don’t quite need the answers behind the monster. Because the point of the entire story isn’t the monster inside, it’s the vicious nature of Hollywood and showbiz. And in this case, it really does chew you up and spit you back out.

The story feels like something out of a classic 80’s horror flick, filled with carnage/mayhem. Even Farah herself says “Blood, death, some good old fashioned evisceration… Aslong as you don’t show any tits, no one will complain.” And that’s a perfect summary of plenty of horror movies themselves. It’s a very clever and self aware story that we can’t help fall but in love with in a strange, macabre kind of way.

But what does Glitterbomb #4 say about hollywood? What does it say about fame? Well apparently, aslong as you’re a profitable figure – it doesn’t matter if you’re a scumbag. And that’s why the ending is so satisfying. Farah gets her revenge on everyone that wronged her. The final few scenes in the issue are extremely intimidating as the monster spreads itself amongst the crowd before the madness ensues. The artwork lends itself to the chilling atmosphere created by the story perfectly. Although we can’t help but feel sympathy for her son in this whole situation.

The ending of the issue was a direct message to the reader, and it closes out this first volume perfectly. It’s obvious the story isn’t quite over though. Hopefully whenever the story picks up it actually has a meaning and doesn’t go down the pointless sequel root. Or perhaps that’ll be the point?

9.5 A gory conclusion

We loved this brutal message about Hollywood and fame, if you're looking for an intelligent but violent read - this is the one for you.

  • Plot 9.5
  • Development 9
  • Ending 10

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