Glitterbomb #3 starts to feed.

If there was any worry in Farah’s mind about what she’s slowly becoming – it’s certainly gone now. She’s suddenly free of all remorse, has plenty of money – and doesn’t particularly care for human emotion. Is she becoming the living metaphor for Hollywood? Perhaps. Her tone of character has certainly shifted up a gear after the first two issues for sure. She’s no longer a struggling, failed actress – but something else entirely. We’re not even sure if she’s still human. But maybe that’s the point?

In the middle of Glitterbomb #3, Farah reconnects with an old colleague who got rich whilst she struggled. And it has some explosive consequences. It’s cleverly written like this is just straight up revenge. That is until an opportunity arises for Farah – and it suddenly becomes clear that she might just be manipulating the situation. Although we can’t help but wonder what her endgame will be. Regardless, it’s great to see that she’s retaking what she once lost. Especially since she was a rather downtrodden character when we first met her. Her character arc is rather volatile.

The only thing that bothers us about Glitterbomb #3 is the lack of answers we’re given about what it actually is that Farah has become. Maybe we’ll never actually find out. A nameless monster that picks and chooses it’s victims. Maybe that’s a little more terrifying than knowing. We’re thoroughly impressed with how the writers have taken a downtrodden victim, turned her into a monster – and are still able to make her seem relatable. Overall, this scarily brilliant series grabs the reader by the arm and drags you along for the ride. Glitterbomb is the perfect antidote if you’re sick of Hollywood culture that’s for sure. This is easily one of the best unique series to hit the shelves this year.

9.5 Brilliant
  • Farah 9.5
  • Character Development 9
  • Hollywood Metaphor 10

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