Glitterbomb #2 delves into Farrah’s life.

This series is definitely a heavy hitter, and it certainly feels like the underdog in the horror genre. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely fantastic. Because whilst yes, there is the literal monstrous element in the story – the real monster is Hollywood. That’s clearly detailed across the narrative in a poignant way. We mentioned it when looking at the first instalment, but it becomes even more specific during this issue. There’s a particularly striking panel consisting of various news channels that sums up the entire industry so succinctly. It’s one of those moments where the writing and the art co-exist harmoniously.

Glitterbomb #2

To ensure the comic doesn’t revolve completely around the Hollywood-allegory, it adds in the procedural element of a Detective who clearly suspects Farrah of something. Although, this doesn’t take away from the story whatsoever, it rather adds an intriguing dynamic between the two. It’s heavy in irony as the struggling actress gives the performance of a lifetime when it comes to lying about murder. Although how exactly would she explain her condition? The monstrous entity is truly terrifying, especially when we see the full extent of it in the mirror as it horrifically protrudes from her face.

It’s a truly welcome addition to the under used horror genre in comics. The last scene itself is chilling. The story also takes a huge delve into the main character by using an interaction with an old friend. Once we learn that she used to take a lot of LSD it begs the question… is this all some wild hallucination? That would be the easy explanation, but we highly doubt that’s the case. Especially given how brutal the murder was of Farrah’s agent. But it’s possible that if she is taking LSD, she’s not a reliable narrator – and we’re being told a false story in an attempt to create some kind of twist. Either way, this is a hugely fascinating story. Horror fans shouldn’t miss this excellent story.


9.2 Chilling

This allegory of Hollywood's treatment of women is genuinely horrifying in places.

  • Farrah's Character 9.5
  • Detective Isaac 8
  • Plot 10

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