Before getting into this comic, we were put off by the cover. It’s definitely the worst of any cover we’ve seen during IDW’s Revolution event, and the story isn’t much better. Don’t get us wrong, we like the idea of the G. I. Joe’s story being intertwined with Transformers, but shape-shifters just instantly put a dampener on things.

The Dire Wraiths has infiltrated the team, and Scarlett (who’s now in charge,) can only trust a handful of the guys. This lack of trust means the story and mission isn’t really explained too well, so readers are left in the dark a little. The shape-shifters continue to infiltrate the story, as well as the team, and it’s crap. There’s a lot of action but it’s nearly all meaningless because of this.

The art is decent once you get past the cover, and the dialogue is quite good too, but it’s just the Dire Wraiths. They don’t fit in this comic at all, and their inclusion just ruins it all. We’re not certain this is a one-shot, but other tie-ins have been so we’re hoping this remains a single issue.

4.5 Disappointing

G. I. Joe: Revolution #1 would be good, but a bad decision in storytelling renders everything practically pointless.

  • Dialogue 7
  • Artwork 7
  • Shape-shifting shite 1
  • Cover 3

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