In a world of capes, tights and supervillains. Ghostbusters: International #7 is a breath of fresh air.

The story focuses on the original team from the classic 1984 Ghostbusters film, rather than the rebooted version. And it even includes the annoying Walter Peck. But the comics allow something that the films couldn’t as much. It allows the reader to delve further into the character’s personalities and histories. Surprisingly, Peck actually has a family who loves him and family friends… who knew? During the original film, he borders on a throwaway character, and here he’s the catalyst of the plot. Hell of a step up, and we’re not even complaining.

The good thing about Ghostbusters: International #7 is that it’s easy to read without having to read the first 6 comics or even have seen the original film. Of course it helps, but the story is relatively self contained. Each of the main characters are written perfectly, and it’s impossible not to read their lines and hear the actors voices. The comic’s artwork captures the likeness of the original characters masterfully, as if they’ve jumped from screen to page.

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The story also has a huge amount of heart. With an immortal woman who just wants to die after 500 years. And it carries alot of weight behind it when the team start their mission. You wouldn’t think the Ghostbusters would be the team to deliver an emotional gut punch from a throwaway character, would you? It’s a very clever technique, making the audience care about a character they never thought they would.

Ghostbusters: International #7 is a brilliant issue, and is a perfect throwback to the original films. But there’s definitely room for the characters from the rebooted version to make an appearance. This is a comic book afterall. Who wouldn’t love to see Venkman and Holtzman have an argument? That would make for some brilliant sequences. Make it happen IDW.

If you’re a fan of Ghostbusters or just comics in general, check out Ghostbusters: International #7!

9.3 Brilliantly weird

It perfecctly captures the heart and spirit of the original films, whilst still being it's own entity. Will Ghostbusters: International be your new favourite comic? Possibly!

  • Venkman v Banshee 9
  • Artwork/Style 10
  • Emotional gut punch 9

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