Before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. commenced with it’s fourth season, Robbie Reyes was nothing more than a B-list character used as a reboot in the All-New Ghost Rider series. Now? He’s rapidly catching up with Johnny Blaze in terms of popularity, and there’s apparent rumblings of a spin-off show of his own. Gabriel Luna’s performance is a big part in this new-found popularity, which was always uncertain when you consider that his version of the character isn’t actually a rider… he’s more of a driver. Fans before watching his debut on S.H.I.E.L.D. were dubious, but negativity soon went away.

This series doesn’t follow on from the show in any way, and decides to stick with the comic book origin and version of the character that we’ve seen previously. Robbie’s a high school student, and rocks a mo-hawk type haircut – very different to Luna’s portrayal. His personality trait remains truthful though, he’s very protective of his brother Gabe and everything he does seems to be for him (when he’s not listening to Eli, anyway).

The story involving Robbie is simple and just shows off what he can do, as well as the lifestyle he leads. It’s a perfect jumping on point for fans who’re unaware of his version of Ghost Rider. The other part of the story involves The Totally Awesome Hulk and the All-New Wolverine, though their paths will all cross soon. We’re a bit unhappy with the instant need to get other heroes involved before establishing an arc for Robbie, but perhaps it’ll lead to unexpected great dynamics and relationships.

The artwork is as sketchy and gritty as the title character, and the pages really light up whenever Robbie gets into his fiery alter-ego. The colours liven up the page wonderfully and show a huge contrast between the two sides of him.

7.1 Good

Ghost Rider #1 re-establishes Robbie Reyes and introduces some unexpected Marvel heroes in the mix.

  • Focuses more on other heroes 3
  • Robbie and Gabe relationship 10
  • Artwork 7.5
  • Script 8

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