This issue picks up right where the previous one left off, as a huge fight with the police and Keisha’s Father erupts in the middle of Rook. And the action is brilliant, pitting Cronus against the Sheriff is a perfect conflict, and even brings emotions into play rather than just fighting for the sake of it. It even gets larger than life when Animalia/Animelia plays her trump card. But the real meat and bones of the issue lie with Keisha as we begin to learn what happened to her boyfriend.

She really becomes part of the team in Generation Zero #5. Although she comes under fire from more than just it’s members, her character is developing in leaps and bounds. We’ve seen her slowly drift from being one of the Rook residents to becoming an outsider. This issue definitely sees her take a huge step in becoming part of Generation Zero instead of just a simple throwaway character. We even see a potential tragic backstory beginning to form around her when Kwame was kidnapped by the Cornermen in the previous issue.

It’s an incredibly fast paced story. And it only pauses to give us the occasional emotional gut punch to make the plot a little more weighty. Unfortunately, since it’s constantly moving – it doesn’t give the reader time to really process what’s going on or the ramifications of the events unfolding. But, it still manages to be entertaining. We’re still dying to know who the Cornermen are – and we’re beginning to see the seeds of that sown into this issue. They’re clearly tied into Rook’s secrets, and it seems like Kwame is important in a larger way than we first thought. Generation Zero #5 begins to pull back the curtain on this mysterious haven, and whilst this is definitely an enjoyable issue – we feel this is just the start of something a lot bigger.

8.7 Entertaining

This is just the start of the reveal. It's an action packed issue that only pauses for the occasional emotional gut punch.

  • Plot 9
  • Keisha 9.5
  • Pacing 7.5

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