Generation Zero #4 delves into Rook’s underbelly.

And boy oh boy, this town is not normal. Futuristic technology, exo-skeleton riot police and Cornermen – this issue raises the stakes. This series doesn’t allow itself time to slow down. They wirters are completely focused on keeping the story flowing smoothly. It doesn’t feel forced, but rather completely fluid as we see the Zeroes begin to uncover the mysteries beneath the town. This is simply another chapter in the story. It’s not quite a game changer – but it promises bigger things on the horizon. Especially since the Cornermen are becoming more of a menace.

We partially see Generation Zero #4 through the eyes of Kwame, who’s specific way of thinking provides an interesting narrative that helps break up the plot across the issue. It also quietly provides a connection between the audience and Kwame himself. It helps raise the stakes a little after the ending of the issue throws his future in the story up in the air. He’s quietly one of the more interesting characters in the series. We’ve got a feeling he’s tied to the technological secrets and futurism of Rook. Keep your eye on Kwame’s story, it’s likely he’s more than just somebody to rescue.

Keisha’s relationship with the Zeroes comes under fire a little, when one of them warns her not to distract their leader. But that in itself is a clever ploy to reveal information about the team themselves. We learn that their childhoods have been completely robbed. So whilst it seems like they’re a cool, badass group of superheroes – they’re actually damaged goods in that respect. Heroes are always more intriguing when they’re flawed, right? Overall, we are absolutely loving this series, and Generation Zero #4 is no exception. Our only problem so far is that we desperately want answers, and the writers are only beginning to tease them. Hopefully the team unearth more soon. Don’t miss this brilliant series from Valiant.

9.1 Brilliant
  • Plot 9.5
  • Kwame/Cornermen 8.9
  • Keisha + Zeroes 9

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