Generation Zero #3 gets trippy.

It decides to take a huge decision that shows this series isn’t afraid to be bold. The writers take a literal delve into a minor character’s sub-conscious, and it’s a bizarre twist of events that strangely fit this wild bunch of characters. When reading this issue, we were blown away at the notable shift in the comic’s art style as the characters are stuck inside the head of Adele, the Queen Bee of Rook’s High School. The tone is obvious nod towards the classic Archie comics, and for a series like this – it works well as a dichotomy.

It feels slightly similar to ‘Inception’ in places, but we’re okay with that.They even played with the idea that staying out of the real world is a better idea, and would actually lead to a life of happiness without complication.  Although how the Corner-Men are in Adele’s mind AND in the real world simultaneously we have no idea. Hopefully, this is something Valiant continue to follow as a plot point further on down the line. There’s definitely some otherworldly force at work in Rook, Michigan – that’s for sure. And we can’t wait to see how the team deal with this.

Generation Zero #3 leads off in an interesting way that is designed to pull us in for the next instalment – and it pits Keisha against her own Father. it was obvious from the previous issue that he’s definitely up to no good. It’s clear that his corruption goes a lot deeper than we’re aware. Although the story doesn’t serve the overall plot in a big way – it teases some interesting ramifications down the line. As a foray into playing with different styles – Valiant have nailed this issue. It proves that Generation Zero is definitely one to keep your eye on.

8.8 Brilliant

Whilst it doesn't serve the overall plot in a huge way, it's ballsy, weird and wonderful.

  • Mixing art styles 10
  • Plot 7.5
  • Characters 9

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