Generation Zero #2 picks up right where the first issue left off.

The first instalment introduced us into Keisha’s perfect suburbia, and tipped it upside down. The second issue deals with the immediate fallout of the attack from the ‘Cornermen’. Luckily Generation Zero have the ability to heal people, otherwise Keisha would be in a lot worse shape right now. How convenient. Nonetheless, it’s a great introduction to the team. This team of superheroes is completely set apart from any other that dominate the industry – they’re not fully costumed, they’re more like spies. A good comparison would be like if the Justice League were combined with The A-Team, but in a good way.

We aren’t really given much chance to get to know the team personally during Generation Zero #2 as they’re interrupted by Keisha’s dad, the Sheriff. It’s immediately clear that in this perfectionist suburbia – power is something to be manipulated, distorted and warped to suit the system’s needs. It’s as if the writers have something of a social commentary to make on the current security situation across the globe. The story and the art work in perfect harmony in a panel in which the Sheriff’s facial expression changes into an entitled villainous smile.

 Generation Zero #2

Overall, this might be one of the smaller comics on the scene – but it’s one of the boldest. It plays with wild and extravagant themes whilst using them to it’s advantage. The truly unique look of the Cornermen is essentially iconic. They have the potential to be hugely incredible villains, we hope they don’t get squandered as just throwaway faceless drones. The town is most definitely an epicentre of villainy, and it’s almost as if the writers took something like the Stepford Wives – and ramped it up to eleven. This is one of the more intriguing comics on the scene, and we predict that it’s only going to get better.

8.7 A great read

It's not one of the most popular comics on the scene, but it certainly should be.

  • Villainous father 10
  • Plot 8
  • Characters + development 8

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