Generation Zero #1 is like ‘The A-Team’ but for teenagers.

That’s not a criticism on either franchise, by the way. That’s just how the story plays out. It’s a spin-off from the ‘Harbinger Wars’ series – and provides a completely fresh perspective of the Valiant universe (one that Bloodshot also inhabits). The story mainly focuses on a young girl named Keisha, who witnesses something awful, and turns to the only place she can – superheroic teenagers, obviously. In a world where superheroes exist, and anyone can attempt to contact them – why wouldn’t she ask for help? It just makes perfect sense.

The beginning of Generation Zero #1 tells the audience who Keisha is and why she needs help from the Zeroes. And it slots perfectly into the narrative, and rather than feeling like a direct flashback – feels more like Keisha speaking to the reader. When actually, she’s speaking to the Zeroes via Vlog. It’s The A-Team for a new generation and it’s an enjoyable read. The only downside that sticks out, is how long it actually takes for the Zeroes to appear. But given that this is only the start of the series, it can be forgiven for that.

Generation Zero #1

Whilst the ending seems a little bit bat-shit crazy, we kind of loved it. The Slenderman-like imagery was particularly creepy, and a faceless enemy certainly isn’t one the audience can associate with. This immediately puts them as ‘Bad-guy’ status. But we get a quick glimpse of the powers that the Zeroes can conjure up – and it proves to be hugely intriguing. If Generation Zero #1 is anything to go by, the series should be wildly entertaining. With diverse characters, a great jumping off point for the second issue and one big mystery – the Zeroes will certainly have their hands full. Valiant comics clearly know what they’re doing.


8.5 A great start

For a brand new series, this a fantastic jumping off point.

  • Diverse characters 8
  • Plot 9
  • Zeroes 8.5

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