There’s a reason Gamora’s known as the deadliest woman in the galaxy, and it’s part of being raised by Thanos as a ruthless killing machine. There’s a lot more to Gamora than that, though, and this comic explores this theory.

This is plainly an origin story, but it’s written by Nicole Perlman. A writer on the Guardians of the Galaxy movie and the upcoming Captain Marvel flick. She really knows what she’s doing. This long-awaited solo series really makes you feel like you know Gamora, and sheds light on her forced relationship with Thanos. Not only that, but we see how he manipulates her sister Nebula. The story is truly chilling at times, as well as being massively entertaining, gripping, and thrilling.

We really became invested in Gamora and her story, and it’s purely spawned from the way she’s written. She’s a complex soul who does things to keep Thanos happy, but is she happy? Definitely not. It’s a compelling read and the perfect start for her solo venture. This comic is a back door into the world of the most lethal guardian of the galaxy.

9.2 Incredible

Gamora kicks off her long-awaited solo series in serious style with a compelling and thrilling first issue.

  • Origin story 10
  • Artwork 8.5
  • Character dynamics 9

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