Friendo #3 sends Leo spiralling into an even more dangerous situation, he just doesn’t know it yet. The issue picks up immediately where #2 left off, with Leo holding up a Hypermarket at gunpoint. Oh, Leo – where did it all go wrong? After an unfortunate accident, he’s put on the path to fame and stardom, it just means he has to keep committing crimes. Society is manipulating him further and further, will he be pushed to the brink? Most likely.


The delightfully scary thing about this series is that the narrative truly has a life of its own. It isn’t afraid to show readers the true horrors of the world it inhabits. As one person is elevated, another is brutally cast aside as a cheap marketing ploy. It takes things like flashmobs or social experiment advertising techniques and casts them in a fatal new light. Friendo #3 really cements a Black Mirror-esque parable of technology and obsessive consumerism. And it also raises a question about individuals. Is humanity a commodity used by faceless corporations and bank accounts to further their profits while pushing a product? Why, of course.

Friendo #3

The issue also introduces us to a couple of brand new characters, the most interesting of which; rabbit ears-wearing hitman. No, we’re not joking. Zajicek The Cremator is a weirdly calm, but very violent contract killer. His introduction, the world he’s a part of and his employers are all incredibly brutal. If Leo’s going to be in his sights, we’re a little bit worried. But there is something gleefully entertaining seeing an overweight murderer take out an entire bar of targets while wearing pink rabbit ears.

Don’t get us wrong, the first two issues are fantastic. But it’s very obvious that the real story is only just beginning during Friendo #3. With Leo and Jerry on a new mission across America, they’re about to be put on a violent collision course with Zajicek The Cremator. Plus, we’re fascinated by the puppet master behind the Hypermarkets, who seemingly has an infinite reach across the world. And thanks to legally owning his own country within the United States itself, he’s like a corporate consumerist version of Doctor Doom. He’s not someone easily taken down.

Friendo #3 is available December 19, let us know what you think of the issue @HeroesDirect!

8.5 Fab

Friendo #3 deepens the Black Mirror-esque tale of consumerist obsession in new and interesting ways. We're loving it.

  • Story 9
  • Art 8
  • Character Development 8.5

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