We’re living in a world where artificial intelligence is no longer an idea that purely existed in science fiction movies as malicious viruses and futuristic assistants. Whether its Siri, Google Assistant or Alexa, millions of people have them on their phones, laptops and home devices… But what would happen if one of these tools that was optimised for marketing began to malfunction and helped you revolt? Welcome to Friendo.


Friendo #1

At its very core, Friendo is a critique on our society that’s obsessed with technology and capitalism while questionable figures in politics quietly ruin society in the background. And while the real hook of the story comes towards the end of the issue, it spends a healthy amount of time establishing this world that really isn’t too far from our own, in a truly warped way. Like when a publicity stunt to promote a movie (bearing a strikingly similar title to a very real franchise) goes very wrong, but apparently it’s the third time this year – so it’s obviously a regular occurrence.

The main character, Leo, is a product of his world; shaped and moulded by the need for fame, money and success. But it’s clear this is his way of fighting back against his history – so it’ll be interesting to see how his extremely religious upbringing affects him throughout his potentially hedonistic future. We can’t wait to see how being partnered with a potentially destructive A.I. could do to someone like Leo. The moments between Jerry (the A.I.) and Leo already have a sinister undertone, especially when Leo first uses the Smart Glasses to set Jerry up. The A.I. seems like a techno-version of Tyler Durden. Could this be the world of Minority Report meets Fight Club?

This is only the start of Friendo, and we get the feeling that the relationship between leo and Jerry is going to be fascinating to dive into. If Jerry is an A.I. gone wrong, what kind of dastardly plans will Leo become embroiled in? Will he use Jerry to make his life better or to wreak havoc on the consumer-centric world? Safe to say, we’re very excited to see where this story goes.

Intrigued by Friendo? Make sure you pick it up on September 26 and follow its creator, Alex Paknadel on Twitter!
8.9 Fascinatinng

A first peek into this world is fascinating, and we cabsolutely cannot wait to find out more.

  • Story 8.5
  • Art 9
  • Cliffhanger 9.1

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