We’ll just get out and say it. Freeway Fighter #1 is Mad Max meets Death Race, and we love it. Written by Andi Ewington, it’s a rip-roaring ride that provides a post-apocalyptic look at the future. It focuses on Bella De La Rosa, one of the few surviving members of humanity. We’re a sucker for a well written female character (there’s a growing number but not enough). She proves herself to be a tough and uncompromising badass, who holds her own against all odds. Ewington has written a brilliant character for us to root for, and it helps that she’s genuinely interesting.

She has something of a relationship with her car. Given that she’s alone (or is she?) she needs some kind of communication. Luckily, it’s not written as if she’s crazy, it actually comes across quite sweet really. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not all about Bella talking to her car, it’s also filled with high octane action that could definitely give Max Rockatansky a run for his money/petrol. The opening flashback segues into the current events of the issue masterfully. And it immediately sets the tone of what to expect from Freeway Fighter #1.

Overall, Freeway Fighter #1 is the start of a story that has potential to be absolutely fantastic – you just need to open the first page. It’s based on a Fighting Fantasy book from 1982 and it should certainly entertain with ease. The cliffhanger brilliantly grabs the audience to bring them back for the second issue. This fast paced comic deserves your attention, as the story immediately grips the reader and the art brings it all to life. It also helps carry the weight of some of Bella’s actions, as we realise it’s a dog-eat-dog world that she inhabits. If you’re looking for something away from the mainstream, pick up Freeway Fighter #1.

9.0 Rip-roaring adventure
  • Plot 8.5
  • Action 9
  • Bella De La Rosa 9.5

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