The Forevers #2 kicks it up a notch.

Our world is obsessed with celebrity culture, so it seems only fair that we’re obsessed about this story that warps celebrities and those around them. The issue brilliantly uses fictional articles about these characters that expertly act as a summary of what’s previously happened. And aside from the mystical element in the story – it all feels very real. But even that side of the plot is explained a little more towards the end, as the writers quickly explain to us about the ritual the seven used.

It seems like Jamie Ashby is being set up to be the main focus of the story. As his dickish nature gets the better of him – he’s set off on something of a redemption arc. Even though he’s clearly an unlikable person – some of his dialogue makes it difficult not to laugh with him. And although his relationship with Kate is anything but ordinary, we hope their connection isn’t exploited for a simple love story. It does at least allow for Ashby’s character to move forward and face his feelings instead of burying them in drugs and drinking though. So that’s always good.

The really interesting part of The Forevers #2 is the masked killer. It adds a ‘whodunnit’ aspect to the story – whilst managing to be scary and intimidating at the same time. At the moment, we’re not 100% who it will turn out to be, but our guess is either Bronson Pierce himself – or Carl Doherty. Either Bronson isn’t exactly a reliable narrator – or there’s a reason that Doherty hasn’t really been seen yet. However, the addition of new found powers certainly changes the game completely for the group. This story is proving to be highly entertaining whilst managing to be socially relevant. Our hats off to the writer, Curt Pires – and Eric Scott Pfeiffer’s art is gorgeously intimidating too. We can’t love this issue enough.

9.4 Incredible
  • Plot 9.3
  • Character Development 9
  • Art 10

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