It’ll be gone in a Flash.

The story that completely rebooted the mainstream DC Comic continuity, Flashpoint focuses around Barry Allen. He finds a solution to the problem that plagued the Scarlet Speedsters’ entire life, the death of his mother. He goes back in time and manages to stop her from being killed. This however is all part of the Reverse Flash’s plan, as this causes an entirely new timeline of continuity in which Barry never became The Flash. Flashpoint also made changes to various DC characters, Thomas Wayne becoming Batman instead of Bruce Wayne, whilst Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war.

It’s interesting because it shows different dimensions to characters we’re already familiar with, Flashpoint comes as a breath of fresh air to a shared universe that was so conflicted and in some cases, very confusing. It’s also makes for some great character development of Barry Allen, to see how he copes without his powers, but having his mother back.

We already mentioned that this timeline’s version of Batman is Thomas Wayne, and if you thought that Bruce Wayne was ruthless, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Flashpoint version of Batman isn’t afraid to cripple and kill criminals to get what he wants when dishing out his own brand of justice. He also has no qualms with using guns, the complete polar opposite to his son. Whilst his costume is similar in looks to the Caped Crusader we all know and love, it’s more gothic. Utilizing spikes on the top of his cape, and with red eyes… he’s a force to be reckoned with.


It’s an interesting take on the psyche of the Reverse Flash too, as it shows just how twisted and warped he is, forcing The Flash to choose between saving his mother or having his powers and saving the world. It’s quite possibly one of the best Flash stories ever written, and was part of the basis for the TV series! The limited comic run provided DC the ability to cohesively combine their continuity into one mainstream universe, called The New 52. It works well as a way of rebooting their current run of comics, and is generally just a great story.

If you’ve read Flashpoint, let us know what you thought!


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