The Flash #7 quickens the pace. Also, If you don’t know who Godspeed is, we can’t advise that you read any further. Consider yourself warned.

So after the previous issue‘s reveal of the man under the white mask, he begins to taunt Barry within an inch of his life. Quite literally. And whilst Barry eventually finds some kind of solution to his speed problems – there’s still an intricate psychological game to play. We even get to see things from August’s point of view, and how he feels about being Barry’s latest nemesis. Its a different way of telling this story, flipping it to the villain’s perspective.

So far, this series has been absolutely phenomenal. And The Flash #7 is no exception. It manages to be heartfelt, fun, brutal and thrilling. It also treats us to a delve into Godspeed’s mind. How he thinks the way he does and his reasoning behind it. And on one side of things, it makes sense. It’s borderline logical. However, killing the villains is clearly a line that shouldn’t be crossed – and especially in the way that August kills them. He’s not a villain to be trifled with lightly, and his villainous plans don’t stop there.

The Flash #7

We also get a touching scene between Wally and Barry, as Barry teaches the younger speedster how to use his powers. In a similar way to how Meena did, and it’s a touching moment. When Wally reveals how helpless he feels about the entire situation, it sparks a thought off in Barry’s brain. It’s that kind of teacher/brotherly relationship that is reignited from the classic comics that this series needed. It’s not that it was lacking without it, but it makes it that much stronger. The Flash #7 is everything we could want from this series – and if you’re not reading this, you’re most definitely missing out.

9.0 Brilliantly heartwarming

This comic has everything.

  • Character development 9
  • Plot 8.5
  • Godspeed's reasoning 9.5

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