The Flash #6 makes a huge reveal this week.

Before we get into the reveal, lets talk about some of the other plot points that are brilliantly fleshed out in this issue. Our first notable side story, is that Godspeed has killed more speedsters. And whilst investigating that, the story seamlessly changes over to Wally West. We see how visibly upset he is over the death of his mentor, Meena. And this allows the writers to delve further into his birth as Kid Flash, and leaves them a backdoor for Barry to uncover Wally’s speed-force powers. It’s great to see that they’re still taking the time to develop other characters out of the main story to be their own entity.

What is evidently present across The Flash #6, is how stretched Barry is becoming, not just emotionally – at work and as a superhero. He’s balancing so many plates, how long is it till one of them falls? Well, not that long actually. And we have a feeling this latest reveal might just push him too far. And even though we’ve seen that Barry is unbelievably resilient – this has happened far too many times. And even though it’s a little similar to previous villains, it’s still thoroughly entertaining.

Godspeed shows himself to be a truly powerful force of nature across the entire stroke of The Flash #6. And the main bulk of the story sees Barry struggling to balance everything that’s wreaking havoc in his life. Is Meena really dead? Who killed August’s brother? Who is Godspeed? The tension builds across the length of the story until it hits a brilliant crescendo. Before we get into the reveal we have to say, the art style throughout The Flash #6 and previous issues truly makes Godspeed look intimidatingly powerful. And whilst we correctly predicted who the villain’s identity would be – it doesn’t diminish from how Barry discovers who he is. Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know who Godspeed is.

The Flash #6

Barry catches up to August after finding out that August’s brother’s killer was murdered by Godspeed. Putting two and two together and confronting August until he suits up as Godspeed. Oh dear. That’s another friend of Barry’s that has betrayed him becoming a villain. We’re not sure how much more Barry can take at this point. We can’t wait to see where the series continues.


9.2 Tense

We felt the tension building across the issue, building to that brilliant crescendo.

  • Godspeed reveal 9
  • Tension 10
  • Character development 8.5

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