The Flash #21 picks up immediately after Batman #21. We see the consequences of Zoom’s attack on Bruce, but the ending changes everything.

It’s brutal, and it’s strange seeing The Dark Knight in a state of vulnerability – as he’s usually a beacon of strength and resilience. Don’t get us wrong, he’s still in full detective mode even when he’s bed bound. But given how he progresses across The Flash #21, it’s impressive just how driven the Bat really can be. Especially when he’s got a personal stake in this mystery. And this issue definitely raises the emotional consequences a little higher than your average comic.

It’s clear that DC aren’t pulling any punches wth ‘The Button’ storyline, they’re bringing everything they’ve got and setting out to impress everyone. There’s a single page at the start of the issue that will send long time DC fans into a flurry of excitement. With references to everything from the Justice Society of America, Lobo’s hook, Martian Manhunter’s original costume and more. It’s packed with easter eggs. But the really interesting part of the story starts when Barry unveils the ‘Cosmic Treadmill’. When he and Bruce launch themselves into the unknown, what they discover really hits home for Batman.

The pair land in the Batcave, but not as Bruce and Barry know it. No, they end up in the version of the cave from Flashpoint, complete with none other than Thomas Wayne as Batman. It means that Flashpoint wasn’t erased like we thought it was back before The New 52. It changes everything. This is what we mean when DC aren’t holding back anymore. They’re just throwing everything they have at the audience. And whilst it is a little overwhelming, it only means we have another huge list of questions as to what the hell is going on. Our only worry is that DC will never answer all of them, only a select few. But again, this was hugely enjoyable. Everything from the easter eggs, the final reveal and even just The Flash and Batman working together flows perfectly.

9.1 Thrilling

The easter eggs, the Thomas Wayne reveal and the overall nature of this team up has us enjoying this storyline massively.

  • Thomas Wayne 10
  • Easter Eggs 9
  • Plot 9.2
  • More questions 8

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