The Flash #11 gets a little dark.

The issue turns what we previously thought about the villain of this new story on it’s head. All is not as it seems. Especially whe it masterfully intertwines Iris into the mix. Whilst there’s been the occasional misstep in the new run of The Flash, this issue helps put it back on track. We get to see the partnership between Barry and Kid Flash grow and flourish as they fight to stay out of the shadows. Barry always works best when he’s not alone, and this is a perfect example of that.

The Shade gets a little reinvention throughout The Flash #11. He recently featured on an episode of the tv series as a villain. However, it seems like he’s a little misunderstood. He appears in this issue as a lover who’s own powers have turned against him. And whilst he’s the catalyst for the problems plaguing Central City – they’re not directly his fault. It’s a nice little twist on a classic Rogue villain. Plus, his backstory makes for a brilliant piece of character development.

The Flash #11 also takes the Barry + Iris relationship and flips it on its head at the end of the issue. It’s certainly going to cause a headache for Barry and Wally, that’s for sure. But at least her new role doesn’t allow her character to get boring and stale. They’ve at least changed it up a little. Although she is in something of a damsel in distress role, which is a little disappointing. But hopefully the narrative will take this and play with it. Joshua Williamson is a brilliant writer, so there’s no doubt in our mind that he has some tricks up his sleeve. Overall, The Flash #11 takes our heroes to new territories that prove to really shake things up in future issues – don’t miss this.

9.0 Entertaining
  • Plot 9.5
  • The Shade's reinvention 9
  • Barry + Wally 9.5
  • The Iris ending 7.9

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