Fearscape #1 (out on September 26!) focuses on Henry Henry, a failing author who really is down on his luck, and uses the fame of others to continue his career. And when he steals another man’s work, it could ultimately could be his downfall. When a mysterious golden figure known as The Muse appears, she mistakes him for the author whose book he had stolen – hailing him as the greatest storyteller that our world could offer. She explains that throughout history, the greatest writers were pulled into a strange dimension known as the ‘Fearscape’ to fend off humanity’s worst fears. But she’s unknowingly brought a fraud into the fight for humanity’s survival. Uh oh.


FearscapeOne of the most striking parts of the first issue is the self-righteous tone of his narration. It’s very clear that he believes himself superior to the people he knows and “works” with. He is quick to ridicule others on their choice of writing, but only briefly acknowledges his own failings. The narration is also incredibly self-aware, taking the time to critique modern comics and their way of gratuitously indulging in violence and debauchery. It’s a very clear wink at the reader if they’re familiar with comics, but otherwise comes off as humorous writing in general.

The art style shown in Fearscape #1 is absolutely stunning. There’s a definite ethereal quality to it, looking like a tapestry of modern horror. While the first issue does hype the idea of the worst fears of mankind living in the Fearscape, we’re only shown one literal horror that was present within history. It’s an interesting concept, since it almost uses a mini-story within the main plot… Who knows what other smaller tales could be included along the way? Since this is the very start of the story, we don’t expect Henry Henry to be fighting off dimensional-horrors just yet, but the demonic tease at the end of the issue really made us want to see more of the threats lying in wait.

Written by Ryan O’Sullivan (Void Trip) and art, colours and lettering by Andrea Mutti, Vladimir Popov, and Deron Bennet – Fearscape #1 is a lovecraftian horror that teases the reader with a demonic overarching presence from beyond the shadows.

Keep an eye out on September 26 for this gothic horror treat!

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8.9 A gothic treat.

A tantalizing gothic treat that promises bigger things down the road, we can't wait.

  • Plot 9
  • Art style 8.2
  • Henry Henry's Narration 9.5

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