Faith’s possibly our favourite Psiot, so it’s always great to read a new issue of her comic. In case you’re not aware of her, Faith has telekinetic powers and the ability to fly. She’s a lot more than that though, she’s a flawed character who’s majorly relatable, and that’s where this series excels. She’s even visited a Comic Con, that’s how similar she is to her readers.

This issue delves past her usual persona as she’s comes head-to-head with her past and feelings of guilt. She feels like she needs to be a hero and this sense of obligation plays into her thought-making process throughout the issue. Faith’s seeing visions, but she’s not particular certain as to where they’re stemming from. Is it triggered from events as of late? Who knows.

This is a light and friendly comic for the most part, so Joe Eisma’s take on the visions provide some surprising thrill and horror to shake things up a bit. All credit to Eisma, his art suits this character and story perfectly.

Overall, this is yet another hit in Faith’s new ongoing series. Things are getting tense leading into Issue #8, and we’re always left wanting more.

8.7 Awesome

Faith continues on her run of amazing issues with a haunting and guilt-ridden instalment.

  • Story 8
  • Artwork 9
  • Visions 9

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