It’s only a matter of days until Election Day: Clinton Vs. Trump: Dawn of Presidency. Valiant Entertainment have decided to pick Clinton, and that’s unmissable by the cover of Faith #5 alone. Have they gone too far? Is putting politics in comics a good thing? Let’s get into it.

Well, the first half of the story doesn’t focus on politics at all – instead, it introduces a talking cat that gives a girl superpowers. It’s a strange concept and it’s definitely not taking the grounded route, but it’s not bad. Faith is struggling with being a hero and a blogger, and she’s literally taking no days off. This story has only just begun, and we’re interested as to where it’ll go from where it left off.

The second half of this comic does indeed feature Hillary Clinton, and it doesn’t feel like Valiant are pushing their own political agenda upon us. Instead, they create a clever parallel between Faith and Clinton while encouraging us to vote – yes, they feature a particular candidate but they don’t explicitly tell you to vote for them.

The artwork was a tad inconsistent for us, and it was highlighted the most when Faith and Clinton posed for a photo. In one panel Clinton looks very accurate, but in the next it looks like a drawing of somebody wearing a mask of her face. It’s not like this throughout but it’s just proof that there’s room for improvement, though that’s the case with all artwork in comics and books, so we can’t really complain too much.

8.0 Awesome

Faith has returned with a special, political issue - have Valiant gone too far?

  • First half of story 8
  • Second half of story 8
  • Faith's struggle 9
  • Artwork 7

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