Evil Heroes #3 doesn’t really get better.

It sounds petty. But, it’s really hard not to look past the obvious comparisons with DC heroes in Evil Heroes #3. It doesn’t feel particularly original. Afterall, we’ve seen an evil Superman before, in fact there’s a video game based around that concept. We even have an evil Flash in one of the latest comics. It just doesn’t feel fresh. It’s a shame, because the idea itself is a brilliant one and in theory, it should work. But it just doesn’t. The plot of this issue rushes past so many important things that could help make this comic great.

The comic makes a stupidly obvious reference to Batman that should be funny, but it just falls a little flat. It chooses to kill off one of The Hellions during a fight with one of the New Gods. And whilst at first, the death is a little surprising – we barely know the character, so why do we care? We’re not really given much time to get to know the team past it’s leader. We haven’t connected with any of them, we aren’t really given any reason to either.

The issue ends with a cliffhanger, including a monster that looks like a humanised version of Doomsday. But given that Chaos has seemingly unlimited power – surely he can just slaughter as many people as he likes? It just seems pointless to bring in a monster when the New Gods themselves are more than capable themselves of carrying out their plans. It feels like the writers didn’t really have a direction for these characters and this was their way of adding a fresh dynamic to the story. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really add anything to it. We’re not saying that we really don’t like Evil Heroes #3, but we really don’t.

5.2 Poor
  • Plot 5.5
  • Characters 5
  • Development 5

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