Evil Heroes #2 has the world ruled by chaos.

Literally. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really build on the first issue very much. We know that these beings that have taken over the world are supposedly literal Gods. And Chaos is the black and red suited villain who brings the world to it’s knees. And that also includes the President of the USA… who looks remarkably like Donald Trump. Is this some kind of political allegory for what we can expect if Trump gets in office? Maybe. In that respect, the comic is quite clever. It’s clearly a parody of the Justice League, but without the humour. It takes itself a little too seriously in places.

Now don’t get us wrong, we love a serious story – but this plot just feels a little two dimensional. It tries far too hard to make the reader feel sorry for the borderline helpless characters. We haven’t had time to connect with them, so why should we care if they live or die? We don’t, and that’s a very big problem. We get a very fast introduction to the men and women who will end up as the ‘Hellions’, but that’s about it. We don’t know them well enough to warrant liking them as protagonists. We know next to nothing about who they are.

In terms of the actual plot – it’s starting to move into it’s own territory rather than a straight up mirror image of the Justice League. The ending sees the ‘Vampire Queen’ Zyana come up with a plan to hunt down the rest of the human race. Lovely. But at least the writers are developing it a little further than we previously thought. Unfortunately, this doesn’t save the rest of Evil Heroes #2. Hopefully they introduce something truly intriguing to save this story other wise it’s going to nose dive rapidly. The concept of the story is cool, but the execution is not.

5.0 Average

Two dimensional plot, completely unoriginal characters... why are we reading this? So you don't have to.

  • Plot 4
  • Characters 5
  • Political allegory 6

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