Evil Heroes #1 imagines what the world would look like if heroes weren’t that heroic.

Our first thought of the issue was that it seems to be an exact parody/deconstruction of the Justice League. The characters themselves look almost identical to those of the famed DC Comics team. And whilst we don’t know any names of these characters they are definitely stand-in versions for the Justice League. And whilst the concept of the issue works relatively well, the actual substance of the plot seems to fall flat. And this isn’t down to the characterisation of these unique(ish) team. It’s down to the fact that we just can’t get away from the comparisons to DC Comics.

And this is definitely a shame, because a team of evil super-powered beings taking down the world would be quite an interesting read… IF it was trying to be it’s own entity. Unfortunately this isn’t the case. And whilst Evil Heroes #1 does give us a separate cast of characters for us to follow and get behind, they’re not given enough development for us to be truly invested just yet. Although don’t get us wrong, it’s still a really interesting read that leaves the entire world on a tipping point.

Evil Heroes #1

And it’s safe to say that the world as we know it will completely change throughout the rest of the narrative. And hopefully, this will lead to the story coming into it’s own rather than an over-exaggerated “What If?” Justice League story. So overall – Evil Heroes #1 could be a hugely captivating story – we just hope that it finds it’s own footing sooner rather than later. Otherwise this might be another title lost into the abyss of DC Comics wannabes. Zenescope’s other #1 issue this week (Van Helsing vs. Frankenstein) was genuinely very interesting, so hopefully they use that talent to carry on into this series.

Fingers crossed that this becomes something special, especially since the concept is intriguing.

5.3 Average

It could be fantastic... but it's a little too close to Justice League for our liking. Hopefully it finds it's own path soon.

  • Death/destruction 7
  • Sub-Plot 5
  • Faux-Justice League 4

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