Boone Dias is a smart, smart man who’s managed to find a way between life as we know it, and the Ether. What’s on the other side is absolutely crazy, and Boone’s found himself unwillingly transitioning into a mystical detective of sorts.

For a start, the Ether looks incredible. It’s been drawn and created as a dream world full of magic, mystical beings, and wonder. Boone doesn’t believe in magic though, he sees it as something we’ve not explained yet. His level of comprehension is beyond those in the Ether, perhaps due to arrogance and extreme confidence, or because he’s a man of science. He’s likable, despite being very certain in his practices to the point of narcissism.

The guardian and gatekeeper for the Ether has been suspiciously killed in incredible circumstances – the habitants of the world think it’s not explainable. Within minutes, Boone deduces that her death was from a magic bullet that can change direction (yep, you can see that this book isn’t aim for realism), and it sets up the series really bloody well.

Boone’s adventures are already tonnes of fun after the debut issue, so we’re looking forward to seeing him unravel this mysterious case and how he manages to do so.

9.3 Awesome

Ether sets up a brand new world fantastically in just one issue, and we can't wait to see this murder mystery unfold.

  • Characterizations 10
  • Artwork 9
  • Worldbuilding 9

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