It’s fair to say that this major event from Valiant is pretty ambitious. And Stalinverse #2 is definitely no exception. The issue follows on from the first with Colin King being aware that this new reality is not how history was supposed to play out. And it’s clear that he feels extremely isolated by that, spurring him on to investigate and change things. It’s great to see Ninjak in a capacity where he isn’t constantly chopping and slicing things – although that’s definitely part of his charm.

Our favourite part of the issue was the Ninjak v Bloodshot fight, without a doubt. It not only shows us how skilled Colin King really is, but it integrates Bloodshot into the main plotline of Stalinverse #2 in a bloody way. It shows that this series isn’t afraid to get its hands dirty to push it forward. This fight wouldn’t have been nearly as impressive if it weren’t for the near-graceful artwork of Trevor Hairsine. Ninjak practically floats through the air through out the fight. And it’s nothing short of intimidatingly brilliant.

The depth of this series is genuinely quite fantastic. Utilising characters and plot elements that have clearly been slowly put in place with precision by Valiant over the past few years. Even just their placing of Divinity and Myshka shows the mindfulness of their individual stories. Whilst the comic company can boast about their superhero comics, this is a different kind of beast. It’s a political parable, it’s a vision and it’s downright brilliant. Their aren’t that many flashy costumes in the series, everything looks practical and brutal. It’s fair to say that Stalinverse #2 is part of something bigger. It’s definitely a game changer. It raises the bar for storytelling and propelling characters in a unique manner. Should you be reading Divinity III: Stalinverse? Without a doubt.

9.0 Brilliant
  • Plot 9
  • Action 9
  • Ninjak V Bloodshot 9.1

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