Valiant’s Stalinverse follows the premise that history took a very different course of action: Stalin took over. This comic shows our favourite heroes in a very different light, and provides an insight into just how history can change beloved characters in the world of comics. This storyline unfolds over a four-issue arc, and we don’t want to waste any more time getting into Issue #1.

Colin King, Ninjak to most people, is seemingly the only person who remembers a time where Stalin didn’t take over – where everything was different, and our perception of “normal”. Bloodshot, X-O Manowar, and Sting all act questionable when compared to how we’re used to seeing them, and it’s just generally a shock to the system. This is like finding out Captain America was actually Hydra, seriously.

Ninjak is undercover in the Soviet Union, and has climbed his way up the ranks to a point of power – in typical Ninjak style. You can tell he’s one of the world’s brightest brains. His mission is to find Abram Adams and work this mess out, but he’s got a huge task of his hands. Overall, it’s a simple enough plot with enough shocking alterations to make it fascinating.

The doom-and-gloom atmosphere in the background of scenes look great and set the tone just right for the grim storyline. Nothing’s as you’d expect, and the artwork reflects as such. Bloodshot looks incredible with a long beard and overall Russian overhaul, and he’s just as bad-ass as always. Give Divinity III a chance if you’re a fan of any Valiant property: there’s probably something in here for you!

8.5 Awesome

The Valiant Universe as we know it is no more, make way for Divinity III: Stalinverse. Here's our thoughts on the first issue!

  • Storyline 8.5
  • Artwork 8
  • Twists 9

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