Divinity III: Kommandar Bloodshot #1 immerses us in the new universe a little better.

Bloodshot himself, is an undeniable badass. But this new interpretation of the legendary soldier has turned him into an even more ruthless killing machine. He’s got a new bearded look, and it somehow makes the character look considerably more intimidating. And although the issue clearly outlines him as a villain – it’s difficult not to root for him in a strange way. Part of that, is definitely because of his unstoppable force – he’s such a badass it’s hard not to be on his side.

An interesting development during the issue was the American made version of Bloodshot, named Project Rampage. Although the bio-engineered weapon doesn’t exactly match up to Bloodshot, it certainly serves in showing us just how brutal the soldier of the Communist society can be. Although we can’t help but wonder if there’s something else at play behind him. He so blindly follows the orders of his superiors – there’s definitely something else going on behind the scenes that we’re not aware of. Especially given how the situation in the American’s bunker ends. Either way, it certainly makes for an interesting turn of events.

Kommandar Bloodshot #1 even widens the universe slightly by introducing Livewire and the idea of  Psiots into this Communist-altered universe. It makes the audience wonder – where is everyone else from the Valiant Universe? Who else is yet to appear? Valiant Comics will definitely have some surprises up their sleeves before this event is over that’s for sure. So far, we’ve been pretty impressed by the Divinity III event – and we’re only two issues in! (See what we thought of the main issue right here.) Kommandar Bloodshot #1 is definitely one to keep your eye on. It might just be the most brutal and unrelenting story yet.


8.7 A great start.
  • Plot 8.8
  • Psiots 8.5
  • Bloodshot v Rampage 8.8

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