This is the penultimate issue in the Death of X series, and it’s still just alright. Cyclops and Emma Frost are obviously willing to go out into war to preserve their race, and we know Medusa will do what it takes to protect her own. This attitude will cause a war, but we already know that.

This issue is a bit better than the previous two, as there’s some decent twists and it’s starting to feel more than just a cheap set-up to an inevitable comic book battle. The handling of young mutants whose powers are ripe is fascinating and enjoyable, as you get a feel of just how dangerous they can be.

The interactions between the two prominent races, the Mutants and the Inhumans, are great. It all felt quite natural, which hasn’t always been the case. The artwork suits the story really well, especially when the conflict starts to heat up a little – you really get a sense of tension.

This is the strongest instalment in the four-part series, but that’s not necessarily a huge feat. We’re interested to see how the series transitions into the Inhumans Vs. X-Men story, and finding out if it was worth reading.

8.2 Good

This is a solid instalment in the four-part series, Death of X.

  • Young characters 9
  • Artwork 8
  • Story 7.5

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