Following the Terrigen Mists across the globe, Crystal and her team of Inhumans stopped a Hydra strike team from stealing cocooned Inhumans from a t-cloud touchdown in Japan. A newly manifested Inhuman named Daisuke used his powers to assist Crystal’s team and was welcomed into his new community.

Meanwhile, responding to a distress call from Muir Island, Cyclops and his team of X-Men were horrified to find the mutant scientists working there had been killed by a mysterious disease. After analyzing the atmosphere, the X-Men learned that Terrigen Mist was deadly to mutantkind. With the revelation of Terrigen’s fatal effect on Mutants, Cyclops vowed to do whatever he must to protect his people.

This issue kicks off with Storm and Medusa – the leaders of their respective kind – discussing the situation at hand, as well as the potential conflict that could come with it. These characters were written expertly, and it made is pretty damn clear that one little thing could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

This issue does a good enough job of setting up the current status of the X-Men, with Cyclops being judged by his team and his friends. Cyclops is as angered and stern as we remember from Uncanny X-Men, and his range of emotions displayed in the artwork is impressive.

This story is half way through now, and the war is shaping up well. This story is, of course, a flashback/retelling of what kickstarted the current shite between the two groups. We’re looking forward to everything start to kick off, and it’s likely to happen in Issue #3.

8.0 Good

The war between the X-Men and the Inhumans is slowly shaping up in Death of X as we head into Issue #2.

  • Storm and Medusa 9
  • Storyline 7

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