Well, Deadpool the Duck is ridiculous as one way expect – especially when you consider the way the two characters manage to come together. Remember Deadpool’s ability to teleport? It’s back, and it’s combined him with Howard the Duck.

This issue is a surprisingly solid debut, we knew it’d be entertaining but it’s complimented with an interesting amount of death and an intriguing storyline. Rocket Raccoon attacks Howard, which he wouldn’t do in his right mind, but he’s been injected with “space rabies”. It’s likely to be something a lot more sinister than that, but that’ll be a topic for another issue.

#1 does a good job of setting up two contrasting Marvel characters and making it seem like they can work together. This is definitely an odd pairing, but the use of Deadpool will likely make it work. It’s rare that a comic involving the Merc with a Mouth doesn’t succeed to entertain us!

The artwork displays a great level of expression when it comes to Deadpool and Howard, utilizing impressive detail to bring their feelings to life. The background detail is missing at times, but you barely notice since it’s such a character driven display.

7.7 Awesome

Deadpool the Duck #1, unsurprisingly, brings Deadpool and Howard the Duck together to create a very unlikely "hero".

  • Story 7
  • Humour 8
  • Artwork 8

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