Deadpool suspects that his team, the Mercs for Money, are planning to turn on him – and rightfully so. The Merc with the Mouth turns to none other than Domino to console him, but we all know that she’s not one to care about him. The team’s mission is simple: break into a house and kidnap a girl. Sounds simple right?

This isn’t just any girl, it’s Negasonic Teenage Warhead. After some kick-ass sequences and great displays of her powers, she willingly surrenders when talked to like a normal person. Deadpool’s team are blissfully unaware of the mission statement, but we learn that the team are required to collect individuals with radioactive-based powers so that they can be “observed”. Deadpool is hilariously unaware and unsuspecting that it’s actually torture and experiments that is taking place once they deliver.

This story is rather basic at the moment, and it’s curiously vague. This works in it’s favour as we want to know who requires these powered individuals and what they actually intend to do with them. The dynamics within the team are great, even the Mexican Deadpool (he’s called Massacre, and we don’t speak Spanish) seems to be worthy on the roster.

The artwork is bloody great. It’s brings the characters to life wonderfully and they never get lost on a page, even when all seven members of the team assemble on one panel. Details are present where needed, and the colours help to match the vibrant storytelling.

Issue #1 of Deadpool & the Mercs for Money is exactly what you expect from this arrangement of characters, and we’re looking forward to the second issue when they attempt to capture Radioactive Man!

8.8 Awesome

Hilarity ensues as Deadpool & the Mercs for Money capture Negasonic Teenage Warhead for the "greater good".

  • Team dynamics 9
  • Storyline 8
  • Humour 9
  • Artwork 9

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