Let’s get you caught up quickly in case you’re not up to date with this new adventure for Deadpool: the Venom symbiote found Wade Wilson as a host. That’s it. The rest is as you’d imagine: it’s fun, ridiculous, and the Merc with a Mouth looks awesome. This issue sees the introduction of Black Cat, and it’s awesome.

Black Cat thinks Wade’s Spider-Man, which is understandable due to the black suit he’s donning. This little sub-plot is hilarious as he doesn’t actually tell her he’s not Spider, perhaps he’d like to think he gets this response from all women.

The unlikely duo see a bunny break-out courtesy of the White Rabbit, and she’s a great antagonist for Deadpool. It’s not long until the fight is over though as Killer Thrill, an alien bounty hunter who’s after the symbiote, interjects. Even after he manages to fend her off for a little, yet another villain is introduced: Kraven the Hunter.

Deadpool’s got a lot on his plate since this symbiote came into his life, and it’s bringing him a lot of problems because he looks like Spidey. We’d love to see a bunch of other Spidey villains and friends come into this comic, they’re all exciting and see Wade react to things so differently to Peter Parker is proving to be awesome.

The artwork is great. It really shows the suit is a different entity to Wade, and he always look great. Each villain has a distinct feel and tone, and it really separates them – which is obviously needed since there’s so many being introduced into this story. From what started as an innocent and somewhat emotional look at the symbiote, this taken has taken a crazy turn and we’re a fan, definitely.

8.5 Awesome

Deadpool, in his symbiote, runs into Black Cat and a whole host of villains in the latest issue of Back in Black.

  • Black Cat 9
  • Huge roster of villains being introduced 8
  • Artwork 8.5

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