We all know Deadpool as a brutal and hilarious character with a tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong time – so putting him in the situation he finds himself in in this issue is a brave move. Deadpool finds himself trying to talk somebody out of suicide, in his own special way. It results in a sweet and surprising one-shot story that feels very inline with the character, and it couldn’t be nearer a more perfect time: World Mental Health Day.

Deadpool isn’t shy to mental illness or depression, so there’s something precious in him attempting to stop somebody from letting their inner demons take over. And he’s especially not shy to killing and death, so that adds an extra layer to the story

This is a shocking issue – in a good way – as we never thought we’d see Deadpool in this light. He, of course, still gets up to his usual antics: managing to harm old women and beat many people up, but it’s all for the “greater good”, in a sense.

This is a fun and compelling read that isn’t afraid to allude to the underlying tones of depression and sadness.

9.3 Amazing

Deadpool surprises us all by trying to save somebody's life instead of ending it, delivering a sweet one-shot issue.

  • Deadpool being Deadpool 9
  • Sensitive subject handled wonderfully 10
  • Humour and energy 9
  • Important message 9

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