If you’ve been following this comic series so far, you’ll know how much the events of this issue have been hyped up- and if you’ve been following this series of reviews in tandem, you’ll know how much I’ve been pining for the Rogol Zaar X Superman clash. LO AND BEHOLD, we’re finally here, and oh boy, this issue is a corker.

The comic wastes no time whatsoever diving headfirst into the action, as we see Superman’s pent-up rage (thanks to the marvellously detailed art) as he faces Zaar, who is exactly as tough as his character design would suggest. The action feels intense and leaps from the page, with the thunderous colour of Metropolis hanging in the background. This top quality art isn’t strange to this series- right the way through this new story the quality is consistent and fantastic.

The character of Superman is incredibly well realised, as you see his wholesomeness overcome his rage at Zaar despite the circumstances at hand. The comic takes liberty in Superman’s backstory and how it intertwines with Zaar (no spoilers here, but it’s pretty big), and it pays off very well. It adds much more for Superman to be angry about and seeing his rage suppressed so heavily feels like a great display of his moral compass. The pair has a conversation in the Fortress of Solitude which gives Zaar so much more to his character and makes him seriously worthy of the fear he clearly strikes into Superman’s heart.

The comic is left on a huge (albeit fast) cliffhanger, and issue 5 feels much too far away already. This comic has become a serious nail-biter, and the excitement isn’t faltering just yet. If you haven’t started on this series yet, I urge you to do so. The writing, art and action are most definitely enough to make this a mandatory read for comic book fans.

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8.7 Awesome

This comic series just keeps getting better and better. colossal action and gorgeous art make this series one to keep up with!!

  • Action 9
  • Art 9
  • Characters 8

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