Superman’s 2018 story The Man of Steel so far has been a bloody riot. Menacing villain, classic wholesome charm, spectacular Justice League cameos- we’ve been treated to the lot. As time edges on, though, we’re yet to see Superman come face to face with Grogol Zaar, and the action is yet to meet its climax. If you haven’t caught up with our review series of this comic you can find the last two instalments here and here, but if we’re all ready to go, let’s talk some goddamn Superman.

The comic opens in brutal fashion as once again, Grogol Zaar’s abilities and ruthlessness are displayed, and his actions are deliberately set to push Superman’s buttons (again, NO SPOILERS, we’re your friends here). In this issue we don’t yet see a clash between Supes and Zaar, however, it is hugely set up to occur in the next issue. While it’s good to see that we’re getting this, it has been a little while. This clash has been suspected from the start and we’ve been made to wait, so this battle must be HUGE in order to satisfy.

The art is consistently magnificent, especially in Zaar’s design, making him a revolting and terrifying creature to be contrasting the bright and gleaming Metropolis around him. Even without a head-on conflict with Superman, it is clear to see that he is a worthy adversary to the Kryptonian. Emotion does strike pretty hard in this issue, jolting the stakes to eleven and making the inevitable climax even more bracing.

As we pass over the halfway mark of this six-issue story, the quality has been pretty consistent, and the excitement continues to run high. Make sure you start reading this one now because if the final panel of this issue is anything to go by, I’d assume the next issue is going to be equally as exciting.

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7.7 Fantastic

The quality of this comic has remained consistent, and it only gets more exciting!

  • Art 8
  • Characters 8
  • Story 7

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