It’s training day all over again for Jessica and Simon in Green Lanterns #1.

Whilst we saw Hal Jordan pair Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz together in Green Lanterns: Rebirth, this issue is their first day on the job as a team. And whilst they had a rocky start to begin with, as time progressed they really gelled as a duo. They’re an unlikely pair, a man accused of being a terrorist and an agoraphobic. But the dynamic between the two really translates well onto the page. Our favourite moment was most definitely when they both burst through the shed door with Lantern rings ablaze.

We get to see both character’s internal thoughts across Green Lanterns #1, and it’s an interesting delve into their psyche’s and attitudes to their individual situation. What’s refreshing to read and see is that they’re both seriously flawed. Compare the two up to figures like Batman and Superman – they’re no way near as secure in their roles as heroes. But that what makes them great to read, they’re more relatable than the godlike figures we’re used to seeing. Especially when we see Jessica struggle to deal with being in a semi-busy supermarket, it helps bring this Space-Cop series back down to Earth.


And what Green Lantern series would be complete without a villainous Red Lantern to fight? Green Lanterns #1 sets up Atrocitus as the primary antagonist right from the get go. His introduction was brilliantly written, it doesn’t take too much time away from the Lanterns, but also gave us enough information to tease up the next issue. With something called a ‘Rage Tower’ emerging from the ground, and A.R.G.U.S. becoming involved – it looks like Green Lanterns #1 has set up a complex chessboard to move across.

The ending of the book debuted a new power for one of the Lanterns that gave us a chilling look into the future of the series. It really helped tie up Green Lanterns #1, and turns up the anticipation levels pretty high. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz are most definitely our favourite underdogs of the DC Universe so far. They’re easily the most interesting dynamic duo since Batman and Robin, without the sidekick element.

How will the two Lanterns deal with the threat of Atrocitus? Make sure you keep up with Heroes Direct for all the latest Green Lanterns news and reviews.

9.2 Brilliantly flawed.

Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are excellent example of brilliantly written flawed characters. Green Lanterns #1 is a great read, and we can't wait to see how they deal with Atrocitus and the Red Lanterns.

  • Jessica + Simon team up 9.5
  • Atrocitus' introduction 8
  • The ending. 10

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