A painting crafted with the blood of over one hundred missing people has turned up, so yeah, things are pretty messed up at the moment in the world of Daredevil. The Man Without Fear has been on the case for a while now, searching endlessly for clues as to who’s behind it and where the missing people are.

Funnily enough, Matt Murdock finds himself attached to the case too when a dodgy guy sets up an art gallery based on this piece. When the police shut down the event and check out the painting, there’s a new development: an address. Matt and Blindspot hit the scene quickly, where there seems to be a bunch of dead Inhumans performing everyday humane tasks – perhaps proving a point that “Inhumans are humans too!”

Matt senses a heartbeat and that he’s being watched, and instinctively knows it’s the “artist” behind these twisted displays. When he catches up to him… Wow. We don’t know who this character is, not at first glance anyway, but by God is he freaky looking. It seems as if the Inhumans will get involved too if their own race is getting slaughtered, so there’s plenty to look forward to going forward in this series.

The artwork is as gritty as the story, and the figure we see at the end is genuinely maniacal. There’s splashes of red that simply¬†has to be bloody injuries, it’s chilling. His image suits the character of somebody who’d perform these atrocious attacks though, so the artist has done a bloody good job.

9.4 Dark

Comics don't get much darker than #Daredevil, and Issue #11 proves it.

  • Storyline 9.5
  • Artwork 9.5
  • Tone and style 9
  • Potential Inhumans crossover 9.5

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