With a cinematic Civil War still doing well at the box office, we get into the Marvel Universe’s next big superheroic beat-down, Civil War II.

No, it’s not a movie (not yet anyway), but a comic event that follows on the idea of Superheroes coming to blows over their beliefs of what is right and wrong. It’ll see Iron Man and Captain Marvel face off against each other, with Captain Marvel wishing to use a future-seeing Inhuman to stop future attacks – whereas Tony Stark believes that punishment shouldn’t come before the crime. Whilst it’s a story relatively similar to the original Civil War, we imagine the outcome will be radically different.

At Ohio University the Terrigen Mist approaches, it’s purpose? To turn those few people in the world with Inhuman DNA in their bodies into superpowered beings. Two students, Ulysses and Michelle, are caught in the mist and are cocooned in it’s shroud. When they emerge, Michelle appears to have transformed into a red, winged creature – whilst Ulysses looks over a decimated New York, that almost looks dystopian in nature. Who has caused this death and destruction? We’re not sure, as this is the first vision that Ulysses has of the future. An ability that could come highly useful in the fight against supervillains left, right and centre. And this is where our divide comes into play.

The Marvel Universe hasn’t seen such a divisive event since Avengers Vs X-Men, and this might be the shake-up that it so desperately needs. The Marvel Comic Universe deserves a complete revamp and this is the perfect opportunity. Especially since DC Comics has shocked everyone before Rebirth has even hit comic store shelves. The story sees Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk lose a case against an ex-supervillain, and afterwards he’s murdered in prison. After a conversation with Maria Hill, it looks like Jennifer is deep in thought, probably around the concept of punishment before the crime. This will probably be the instigating incident to whichever side She-Hulk picks.panel

There’s a beautifully painted panel where Captain Marvel looks out on a city in what appears to be New York amidst an oncoming storm – could this be a forewarning for her side of the battle? Will the usually brilliant Carol Danvers fall to the might of Tony Stark, Secretary of Defense? Take what you want from that reading, but we’re personally backing Captain Marvel, she’s known to have her head screwed on tight and would definitely use the future seeing ability to protect the Earth at all costs.

How do you feel about the impending Civil War II? Regardless of who comes out the winner, Brian Michael Bendis (writer of the original Jessica Jones character), will surely have written a fantastically crafted storyline, and we can’t wait. Pick a side and watch the trailer for the brand new Marvel Comics series here.

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9.0 Intriguing

The zero issue for Civil War II does exactly what it's meant to, it teases us with the storyline for the rest of the series, whilst still being a neat little story on it's own.

  • The birth of Ulysses 8
  • Captain Marvel's conversation with Doc Samson 9
  • The President's proposition to Rhodey 10

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