Another one of Marvel’s tie-ins for their Civil War II event is the Amazing Spider-Man – shocker (sarcasm intended.)

Basically, Civil War II is based off of an Inhuman called Ulysses whose precognitive abilities throw up some questionable motives for both Iron Man and Captain Marvel – who front their own teams. Much like Spidey’s struggle in the original Civil War, he has a big choice on his shoulders which should make for an interesting run of issues.

Christos Gage writes the book and Travel Foreman brings the comic to life with his expressive art. They both bring their A Game and make it feel right at home with Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man. The opening sequence is exciting and raises your pulse instantly with the webslinger battling Vulturions, setting the pace for the issue beautifully.

Amazing Spider-Man

The trademark goofiness of Peter mixed with his anxiety-filled weariness is very present and is captured perfectly. Gage plays Peter’s personality against Ulysses’ well, actually making Ulysses feeling like an actual character as opposed to a plot point (which the other comics in the series have done so far.) Despite their being plenty of banter between the characters, there’s work towards Peter’s reaction to Ulysses’ powers and what role he could play in the whole situation. This issue practically serves as Peter and Ulysses demonstrating what they have to offer to each other.

Even if you have no interest in Civil War II, this issue works great as a standalone adventure and you’ll still enjoy it if you’re a Spidey fan. This tie-in is a logical part of the main event and we’re looking forward to #2.

8.7 Awesome

If this issue is a sign of things to come, then we're in for a good time.

  • Fun storytelling 9
  • Artwork 9
  • Peter's internal conflict 8

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