Ulysses foresaw that Peter Parker’s employee, the reformed villain Clayton Cole, would don his mask again and return as Clash. The implication was that Spider-Man and Clash would fight each other, but actually, Spider-Man and Clash teamed up to defeat the villainous Robot Master!

Spider-Man told Clash that he would no longer be allowed to work with the sonic technology that made up his equipment. This attempt to protect Clash went tits up, and Ulysses’ vision (unsurprisingly) came to life after all.

Just as Spidey manages to disarm Clash (mentally, not psychically – he’s upgraded since their last fight), Robot Master comes back and intervenes. Clash now realises he decides his own future and doesn’t want to go down the path he’s been on in recent times. This leaves Spidey to fend for himself, and he does it rather well.

Clash is now working doing bad jobs for Roxxon and is recruiting his own henchman in a bid to make plenty of money. We feel like this isn’t the last we’ll hear from him, and our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man will get involved in his schemes sooner rather than later. Ulysses returns to his the Inhumans in New Attilan as Spidey offers his (and Parker Industries’) services to Captain Marvel.

This issue sees more development with Ulysses than with Peter or Clayton – though Clayton seems to be pursuing a different avenue of villainy. Peter’s words of wisdom and encouragement for Ulysses could help him harness and develop his powers for good, but we’ll have to wait and see. All in all, this was a solid instalment in the series.

8.4 Amazing

Spider-Man's influences Ulysses and Clash in very different ways.

  • Civil War II tie-in 9
  • Ulysses' development 8
  • Conflict 7.5
  • Clash's development 8.5
  • Artwork 9

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