This issue marks the culmination and end of the complete Civil War II event, and it’s been underwhelming up until this point. Issue #8 is all-out action between Captain Marvel and Iron Man, and while it’s bloody amazing to watch, it’s not enough to redeem the event as a whole.

We knew Stark wouldn’t be around anymore, but we didn’t know in what capacity and why it happened. Well, it was indeed Captain Marvel who put an end to him, but he’s managed to keep himself alive after years of self-experimentation. We know from other comics that he’s stored his consciousness elsewhere and is now A.I., helping to train Riri as the next generation of Iron Man.

As for Ulysses, his evolution and development continues until he literally grows too powerful for Earth. He’s taken onto a higher plane of existence where it’s possible we’ll see him again, but there’s no instant need for such. He’s been a good character and his power-set was worthy of a Civil War, it’s just a shame that Bendis didn’t do more with the opportunity and premise.

7.8 Awesome

Civil War II is over, and while Issue #8 was great, it wasn't enough to save the event.

  • Artwork 10
  • Action 9.5
  • Overall event 4

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