Civil War II is very different to the original clash between Marvel’s superheroes, it’s getting quite deep into the story and it’s only now firmly developing the cracks between the Avengers, X-Men, and Inhumans. Issue #3 features the surprising death of everybody’s favourite green rage monster.

Well, Bruce Banner. Banner was seen in the end of Civil War II #2 in a vision by Ulysses, Hulking out and wreaking havoc. Well, he didn’t get that far in this issue, as Hawkeye launches a special arrow into him as he begins his transformation – this issue is in a flashback format, coinciding with the main characters joining Matt Murdock in court.

Civil War II #3

It’d be an emotional point in the event, if we weren’t 99% sure Banner will return in the next year or two. It seems as if Ulysses is only part of the reason this second war begins, as they’re all pretty certain about whether they believe Clint should’ve killed him or not. Banner actually developed the fatal weapon himself, and he’s been experimenting on himself for a year – managing to keep the Hulk at bay all of this time. It takes a huge amount of heroes on his doorstep for him to get angry again.

Anyway, this issue is leading to two spin-off issues that focus on different perspectives on this controversial action – Civil War II: The Accused and Civil War II: The Fallen. We won’t bother explaining which book focuses on Hawkeye and which focuses on Hulk. The artwork in this series continues to impress, as each and every character is giving life; even when the page is flooded with iconic heroes.

Marvel Heroes

You almost don’t need the speech bubbles to know what each character is thinking, Marquez does a stellar job (when doesn’t he?) putting together intimate and ensemble panels, crisp line-work and vivid colours (by Justin Ponsor) definitely help.

This comic looks as good as you’d expect from a huge event, but it’s not stepping up to the occasion where it really matters: the story. The series is slowly building up and is promising improvement each month. Hopefully Bendis explores the interesting elements over the four remaining issues.

7.0 Awesome

Civil War II #3 marks the end of a popular Marvel character, but was their death worth it?

  • Banner's death wish 9
  • Matt Murdock leading courtroom drama 8
  • Main plot 6
  • Artwork 8
  • Pace 4

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