If we’re honest, we’re glad Marvel released two installments of their second Civil War run this month, as this issue wouldn’t be enough to carry the storyline along for a whole month. The conflict is definitely still brewing and the pacing of the story is a tad draining, so we’re hopeful that things will pick up in 3. Anyway, let’s get into it.

After Rhodey’s not-so-tragic death in #1, Stark is angry (to say the least) and has decided to run off with Ulysses, figuring out just how his powers work. Of course, nobody is happy about this decision but when does Stark give a crap what others think? Besides this, teams still haven’t been made clear and the stale taste of sheer uneventfulness is lingering on our tongues – we’re just dying for a real battle at this stage.

Civil War II

It’d not be unreasonable to see the Civil War II event as the Iron Man show. Ignoring the slow pace and absence of conflict, Bendis and Marquez have proved they know how to handle the Man of Iron to perfection. Marquez’s style is unique and very expressive, bringing a certain energy that you don’t always get in comic books; it’s definitely a saving grace. The way Bendis dances with Stark’s emotions and how he deals with them is done expertly, especially after the death of his BFFL. It’s more evident now than it’s been for years, Tony is a depressed being – he’s resorted to torturing a kid (a very powerful one at that) to get what he wants, and then masks his true feelings as soon as the Avengers arrive. Classic Tony Stark, am I right?

The sheer amount of characters on a page never feels busy when mantled by the genius that is Marquez, who pays a stupid amount of attention to each and every hero to make sure they all have their chance to shine. Don’t get us wrong, the story is progressed in Civil War II #2, but it’s not huge in terms of scale. Hopefully the next few issues manage to push it along at a better pace, without rushing it… We’re not asking for much, honest…

8.0 Good

The artwork is utterly amazing, but the conflict is yet to catch up. Welcome to the Iron Man show.

  • Artwork 9
  • Portrayal of Iron Man 8
  • Overall Storyline 7

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