We get to grips with the very first issue of Marvel’s summer event… Civil War II.

Just a quick warning, there are a couple of A-List Avengers who meet their end in the issue, so we will be discussing spoilers in the review.

The story itself boils down to one singular notion; if you were able to foresee tragic events in the future in order to stop them, should you use that power to eliminate the threat before it even arises? Thanks to a new Inhuman that can see the future, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are torn apart on two sides as to what course of action to take. The two sides manifest themselves in Captain Marvel and Tony Stark. But only after a battle with Thanos winds up with the deaths of two Avengers. Whilst it’s definitely a heartfelt moment as Tony’s best friend Rhodey is murdered by Thanos, it almost mirrors some of the events in Captain America: Civil War, – it looks like Marvel is attempting a larger kind of synergy with their movies and their comic source material.

It’s not just Rhodey that takes the fall though, She-Hulk also succumbs to her wounds by the end of the first issue, telling Captain Marvel to fight for the future as she does so. The first issue sets up the core argument and separates the two lead heroes of the story, but where will it go from here? Well we do know that once again, Spider-Man will be in the middle of the two teams, as he’s getting his own solo comic set in the timeline of Civil War II, probably looking at how he decides which side to pick.

We did find that all of the heroes were very quick to take their side on the situation, and it all felt very rushed. If anything, it comes across to the readers like an expanded version of the Civil War II: #0 Issue. Whilst we’re impressed that the writers had the guts to kill off two hugely popular characters, it felt like they couldn’t get rid of them quick enough. In fact, it was almost obvious after #0 that Rhodey and She-Hulk were going to die simply because they gave them a little more back story.

Civil War II

Although we definitely didn’t expect them to include a Celestial and an attack from Thanos all in a single issue, that made for great reading. And where do we even begin on the art of the series, the colour and the use of almost watercolour like panels work so well that the visuals jump right off the page. The panel in which the Celestial arrives on Earth was mesmerising and terrifying all in one. Kudos to David Marquez and Justin Ponsor on their efforts.

In theory, we should be having our mind’s blown by the comic series, but instead – we’re a little worried that Marvel are pandering to the audiences of the films rather than their devoted readers. Since a comic book narrative and a feature film’s narrative are two very different things, it might not work in Marvel’s favour if Civil War II is too heavily influenced by the MCU.

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8.0 Hopefull

Whilst we have alot of faith in Bendis, this first issue is a little rushed. But, we can't wait for the next one.

  • Stark v Danvers 9
  • Celestial Attack 8
  • Deaths of Rhodey + She-Hulk 7

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